Slip-Not Designs Headbands Review and Contest

Hi Mom's! We all have those bad hair days where we just need a quick solution- or the days we need our hair to stay neat and tidy, but still want to be trendy and feel pretty!

Sara, Christine, and Lisa all had the opportunity to try and review a revolutionary headband designed by local artisan Joelle Cole. Slip-Not Designs

Check out Sara's Review on her blog here.

Christine's Review:
As a lot of you know, I have two special needs children. My daughter Courteney is an absolute girly-girl at age 14! Although she is girly, she has a sporty side too. So, I was thrilled when I was given the opportunity for her to try the SLIP-NOT DESIGNS HEADBAND! Not only was it pink and sparkly (yay!) but it has an adjustable strap on the underside - something I had never seen before. With Courteney's special needs, her head is a little smaller than normal, making virtually all headbands we have ever tried, a complete fail. If a head band is too big, it'll slip right off your head, right? But, this is is NOT the case with SLIP-NOT DESIGNS HEADBANDS! The adjustable strap made all the difference for Courteney! Not all heads are shaped the same!!...AMEN??!!! It only makes sense to have a headband with some adjust-ability. I was excited! Courteney was excited! And I have to say, I think she looked pretty darn cute!!! We even had a dance party and it stayed on through that too!! We are looking forward to playing some sports and her getting to rock this cool sporty (but girly!) headband. This is a great product for all women, girls, and girls with special needs. If you've given up on headbands because of past fails, give SLIP-NOT DESIGNS HEADBANDS a try!

From one mom to another, I would definitely say SLIP NOT HEADBANDS are Mom Squad Approved!!

Lisa's Review:
My daughter, Sarah, is licensed cosmetologist and she has been 

trying out this new head band. She said in her professional opinion that she would not only buy these, but promote them! This product is a winner!
It is great because I am an active mom now and the headband works great! I was able to throw my hair up and have it stay in place without worry.
The cheap headbands that I usually buy, will typically slide off my head and end up all the way in my pony tail.
Another positive about this headband is that it has a strap on the back of it that is adjustable.

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