The Root Candles Experience from Marlia

This past Saturday, March 21, 2015 from 9a.m. to 11a.m., we were given the amazing the opportunity to have a private shopping experience with Sara Carnes, The Mom Squad, and The 955 Fish Family.  Women from all over Northeast Ohio gathered together for friendly fellowship and fun. We had mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, and even grandchildren attend. With smiles on their faces, the women were greeted with pastries, coffee, and discounted tickets for their shopping pleasure.  Joy and laughter filled the rooms of this 20,000 square foot building from top to bottom. Both floors were covered with pure candle eye candy, home d├ęcor, 19th century architecture, and antiques. The interior designs were fabulous! We were in candle heaven and no one wanted to leave.  

 Here’s a little history about the company from their site.

“Since 1869, Root Candles of Medina, Ohio, has been an industry-leading, family-owned company renowned for innovative ideas, aesthetic enhancements and the highest standards of quality. Now in its fifth generation, the Root family continues to extol the virtues of honesty, integrity, and diligent craftsmanship. These qualities were exemplified by Root Candles founding father and American original, Amos Ives Root.”

"His tradition of excellence, along with a genuine commitment to customer satisfaction and service, defines and fuels Root’s strong brand loyalty today. Each Root candle is carefully handcrafted using processes mastered through five generations of craftsmanship combined with the latest in manufacturing technologies. The results are pure and simple: Root Candles are highly regarded for complex bouquets of subtle fragrances and sophisticated color palettes, important factors for discerning candle lovers.”

I became a candle lover that day. My bag was filled with pleasant fragrances that I couldn’t wait to share with my loved ones. As we walked around everyone carried the exact same smile on their faces as if they were truly enjoying this amazing experience. I got the opportunity to ask a few of the attendees how they felt about their exclusive shopping trip to Root Candles.

“Love having the store to ourselves. This place is great!”
-Jacquelyn and Jessica from Brunswick

“I love it here. It's cute and it's nice. I love it so much that I brought two people here with me to share in this experience.”
-Marti Novak from Wadsworth

“Great! This is my first time here. I’ve wanted to visit for a while. I’ve truly enjoyed this experience.”
-Carol from Graftin

Everyone that attended loved the event. I’m actually working on a mini trip myself where I could invite a few friends and family members that weren’t able to make it this past Saturday. Please come check out this must see attraction and experience the precious gift that only Medina, Ohio can give and that is Root Candles. Have a blessed week Everyone!

For more information on Root Candle please go to

Root Candles at West Liberty
623 West Liberty Street
Medina, Ohio 44256
Monday - Friday 10a.m. to 6p.m.
Saturday 10a.m. to 5p.m.
Sunday 12p.m. to 5p.m.