Chop It Salad Co. is Mom Squad Approved!

Marlia, Josie, George, Sara, Rachel and Christine
The Mom Squad was out and about last week - on the hunt for a place we could give our stamp of approval…”Mom Squad Approved!”   We were invited to have lunch at the Chop It Salad Co., by owner, George Chase, at the Southpark Mall location.

Chop It has six locations: Southpark Mall, Great Northern Mall, Summit Mall, Eton, Great Lakes Mall, and Belden Village Mall.  A stand- alone Chop It is on the horizon as well!  

So what is Chop It?  Chop It is a fast-casual, healthy restaurant, primarily serving wraps, salads, smoothies, and soups.  They use fresh ingredients, including antibiotic free chicken.  The huge selection of fresh ingredients are right before your eyes, chopped and ready to become a part of your tasty salad or wrap!  

A delicious wrap and shells and cheese!
One of the things that meant a lot to us as TMS, was that George literally gave his employees about a 10 minute notice that we were coming.  He did this so that we could see exactly what any regular customer would see and experience.  The two ladies preparing our meals were kind, courteous, and efficient and most importantly, made us A TON of delicious food!!! 

We were excited (and really hungry) to sit and try a big variety of salads, wraps, smoothies, and more!  But OF COURSE, we are moms, and so we wanted to know what this healthy salad and wrap place has to offer for our kids???  So, here’s the awesome thing about Chop It, they don’t have a kid’s menu per say, but they sure do know what kids like!  They offer a salad for $3.99 which includes three toppings and your choice of dressing.  Perfect for the child who is CRAZY about iceberg lettuce, cheddar cheese, croutons, and lots of ranch dressing!!!  

Chop It's toppings line
One of my personal favs was the white cheddar cheese and shells.  The poster with a picture of the shells and cheese caught my eye, and I was sold!  I told the worker that I wanted mine to look just like the poster – which included hot shells and cheese covered in more cheddar cheese, bacon, and scallions.  It was everything I expected and so much more!  We all know that a  good mac & cheese is hard to come by, so I wasn’t surprised when  George shared that he spent 4 months coming up with the perfect shells and cheese for Chop It!  He knows that not only will moms be salivating over white cheddar cheese and shells, but kids will want it too!!  “Kids love this” is strategically printed on the poster.  So again, although there is not a kids menu, don’t think that kids have been forgotten at Chop It!   

The Chopadilla!
Chop It also has a “secret menu” and one kid and mom friendly item on that menu is the Chopadilla which is a big tortilla filled with a favorite cheese and other toppings and then folded over on the grill to make an ooey-gooey tasty treat!  Perfect triangles are cut and served with your favorite dressing for dipping (the house dressing is salsa ranch, which is perfect with almost any Chopadilla!).

So why can The Mom Squad now call Chop It Salad Co. “Mom Squad Approved?”  It’s pretty simple…fast, fresh, great flavors, reasonable prices, and kid friendly.  Ladies, skip the greasy burgers and chicken next time you’re at the mall and instead look for Chop It where you can refuel on fresh, healthy, and tasty food that will truly satisfy you and your little ones! 

Chop It is “Mom Squad Approved!”

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-Blessings from Christine