Monday, September 28, 2009

Decluttter - Kitchen drawers

Part 6 of the Series

Last week my friend and I took all of her dishes, cups, saucers, bowls and miscellaneous items out of her glass cupboards. We sorted, tossed, donated and threw out. Then washed up the items being kept and put them in an arrangement that made sense for ease of use and decorative appeal. This week it was the drawers. She has five that are attached to the sink. As you will see, we took everything out of each drawer and reused the boxes labeled REPAIR, DONATE, SELL and ASK. We did a lot of throwing out and donating.

Two questions that helped keep the focus as – DO I REALLY NEED THAT? And HOW MANY OF THESE DO I TRULY NEED?

In the silverware drawer there were a great many mismatched items. For her eclectic tastes, I suggested that she keep only items that created sets of a knife, fork and spoon for table settings. Anything else she should donate or sell.

When it was time to tackle the cooking utensils we looked at having both a metal and plastic set. We added 2 questions to the ones listed above – DO I USE THIS ITEM EVEN ONE TIME PER YEAR? And IS IT UNBROKEN OR UNCHARRED? (Is this even a word?) I myself have left a plastic piece a bit too close to the flame.
Look at your kitchen towels, oven mitts and aprons. HOW MANY OF THESE DO I TRULY NEED? Would some of them be better used as rags?

One of the questions my friend said was …… What if I need this? I know that as soon as I throw it out, I will end up needing it. I used to ask myself that same question. It is a good one. The answer is……if you haven’t used it or missed it in the menagerie of items in a drawer then you probably didn’t and won’t need it. We spent a great deal chuckling over her saying….”I wondered where that was” or “I have been looking everywhere for this.”

We reused the last two drawers for her aluminum foil, wax paper, plastic wrap and baggies. We needed to occupy two drawers… for those that had yet to be opened and one for those already in use. By the time we collected all of these from everywhere in the kitchen, she realized there won’t be any of those purchases until mid 2010.

Depending on your budget and drawer types, you can get all types of organizing items to help keep things in order. The important thing is don’t over pack your drawers. This will allow you to find what you need without hunting. It also is easier and more inviting to put things away.

Next week we will set up a pantry for her cereals, etc. Join us then.

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