Monday, September 14, 2009

Declutter - The Journey begins


I was talking with one of the loveliest people you could possibly meet. She is compassionate with people in her job, loving with her family and thoroughly hard working at two jobs just to make ends meet.

When I stepped into her home for our initial interview, she apologized profusely. She told me that she was embarrassed and felt helpless. However, when she comes home at the end of the day, the last thing she can muster is energy to handle her home. It crept up on her until it overtook everything and became the monster that was hard to control.

I encourage you to follow the photo’s of the home we are going to de-clutter. We are going to help her create a space that will help her feel calm at home. The only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time. We are going to start with the kitchen. It is the largest room in her home and when it is done will make a great place to be able to shift boxes from her other rooms without ruining the feel.

Here are photos of her home. Remember, whether yours is better or worse, it does not matter. What does matter is that we begin.

Pray for her during our journey. She is a lovely lady who will be able to take control of her home once again.Have a great day everyone. Faith is not believing that God can. It is knowing that He will.

** Note from Debbie, Mom Squad panel and family specialist. **

I am so proud of the person that is willing to allow us to follow her journey to declutter. She is brave and God will bless her for her transparency. I know God will use her journey to help many people.

I've counseled with a lot of people on both sides. People who are perfectionist, those who can't sleep until everything is in it's place, and those like me who qualify for the messy of the year award.

There are problems with every personality type. Those who can't stop cleaning wish they could relax and rest. They feel overworked and tired most of the time. For them, life can be a burden of cleaning and stress. For those who can leave it alone and get some sleep, they often feel guilty and withdraw from having friends come into their homes.

I don't believe any of us should feel guilty. Yes, we should all try to solve any problem in our lives. But...sometimes, life can become so crazy that it's more important to take care of what's needed for the day than to scrub the floor until you can see yourself in the shine. When I had twins and then my third child, there were some days when I went to bed praying that we didn't have an emergency during the night. If the police or fire department came in my house I was sure they would put me in jail for endangering my children.

If you've felt that way....(and truth is we all have on varying degrees)....let's pray that God will use Joan and her precious friend to show us how to maintain control. God Bless!

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